Contractual Defense Protection in Washington & Oregon


If your client contract requires you to provide up front defense after a third party filed a claim against them due to your negligence, or just arising from your work on the project, your industry standard Professional Liability policy will exclude that contractual obligation and the Professional Liability carrier will deny your claim.  Shipley & Pease Insurance is proud to announce we are the only Brokerage firm in Washington or Oregon that is able to provide a policy that covers you for this common exposure.  We have partnered with a high-quality carrier to secure your firm with Contractual Defense Protection.



Why do I need contractual defense protection?

Without this coverage, you could be exposing your firm to paying for a team of $400 per hour Lawyers to defend your client.  They would be selected by your client and you have no control of what they do or how much they charge.  These previously uninsurable defense expenses for third party claims, have a huge potential negative impact on project profit margins, and could cause you to lose out on work by having to walk away from otherwise good contracts due to contractual concerns.

Having a contractual defense protection plan in place will cover the gap created by contractual liability exclusions and is exclusively offered through a/e ProNet and Risk Strategies brokerage firms. In addition to that, this policy will work in tandem to your primary professional liability insurance policy.


What you can expect from us

Our agents have extensive knowledge and professionalism and truly understand the importance of keeping your business secure. As a local agency, we are accessible to our clients when they need us most and proudly service clients throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Arizona.

Call or contact us today to learn more about this coverage. We would be happy to fully assess your needs and create a plan that will help keep your business and assets secure. 


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